Miss A. | Utah County Child Photographer

My sweet big girl turned 5! My lucky kids, they get yearly photoshoots. And I couldn't have gotten better troopers. She wanted to bring two different dresses- you know, to get a variety and all. 

She had so much fun swinging and twirling and smiling for mommy. As I type this post and she looks at her pictures she says, "going on that swing on your tummy is not a good idea." Ya, she kinda fell in the dirt. 

I eventually ran out of space on my SD card, not planning to snap so many pictures- but crazy girl wanted more. I'm not sure where I got such a girly girl but I sure love it. These photos captured my beautiful girl's spunky, happy, innocent personality. 

Treasured photos are the goal. They are the best.

and because I'm in love with her in black and white. Her face just shines!

* My daughter and I made her flower crown from a carnation her grandma gave her a week prior at her preschool graduation. Keeping it special. Prop DIY coming soon!
*Location: A golden spot in Orem by the lake. The swing was placed next to a public path. Though it's swarmed by masses of gnats, it's one of my top favorite places now.

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