The O Family | Idaho Falls Family Photographer

Another sweet family with the sweetest kids! Is there something in the Idaho water or something? Despite being so cold, this sweet girl gave her little brother plenty of love. What a lucky boy he is! We met at a local Christmas tree farm- The Haroldsen Farm. Those owners are so nice and so personable. I enjoyed our quick 20 minutes together, and hope to see your cute family again!

And just because he's cute in black and white too.

The C Family | Idaho Falls Family Photographer

I decided kind of very last minute to offer Christmas mini- sessions. My friend had asked me to photograph her family for Christmas and I thought, you know what? I should do this. Let's do this!

My first mini sessions ever, and first real clients since my big move to Idaho- and they couldn't have been better! Holy moly, these kids were so polite. So happy. Just so kind for kids out in the cold, getting their picture taken! Thank you for letting me be a part of this, I truly, truly enjoyed myself, and I hope you did too!

Real Estate Head shots | Idaho Falls, Eastern Idaho Portrait Photographer

Brandon & Breanna | Eastern Idaho, Idaho Falls Wedding & Family Photographer

Layla | Eastern Idaho/ Idaho Falls, Idaho Child Photographer

I was able to photograph this cute girl when she was days old, and now look at her at 2! She is so full of life and all girl. Flowers, tea parties, and teddy bears. She was just a big sweetheart. It was fun to see her momma again and have some girl time. I hope to see them again in the future as she grows!

Addy | Eastern Idaho/ Idaho Falls, Idaho Child Photographer

This little girl of mine has a BIG love for her stuffed animals. Three in particular are her favorite and hold special meaning. There's Eeyore- who she got from her daddy when she was super sick as a baby. When she's sad or misses her favorite guy, she has Eeyore for comfort. He's her absolute favorite. Then there's pooh bear- he originally came from my dad (who Addy has never met, he died when I was 18). Pooh bear was a gift to my mom, who gave it to me when I was born, and then I gave him to Addy. We did a photo shoot in her favorite pink boots with her favorite stuffed animals. Love this sweet girl!

Hop into Spring Craft Fair GIVEAWAY! | Idaho Falls, Idaho

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Usborne Books & More | Eastern Idaho/ Idaho Falls, Idaho Business Photographer

My first post as an Idaho Falls resident!! One of my awesome friends from college just moved here too, and she sells Usborne Books. She asked me to photograph some of our kids with the books for her website, so we set up a fun shoot in my home. Love all these cute kids so stinkin' much.

There are so many great books for children, so if you've never heard of them, check them out HERE.