Ethan the Train Conductor | Utah County Children Photographer

Ethan turned 2 and is it obvious what he loves most?? We took him to the Union Station in Ogden, Utah. I just have to say, individual child sessions go so smoothly and are so fun for all when we choose something the little model is passionate about! He loved climbing on to each train, and happily smiled for a photo or two on each one. 

I'm pretty sure these types of sessions are my favorite. I love putting a child's personality in a photo!
Enjoy some of Ethan's handsome smiles!

Charly Jane | Utah County Newborn Photographer

My sweet 3rd child (who is now 2 months old!), I finally finished editing her newborn photos. My beautiful red-head, I promise you won't be on the back burner your whole life! I love this sweet girl, so glad these 3 are mine.

The Nelsons | Utah County Family Photographer

These are our best friends from college- we were next door neighbors. We spent many nights playing/fighting over Settlers, rotating cooking dinner, and throwing snowballs at our windows. It even went as far as Thomas building a snowman in our parking spot, waiting by his window for an our for my husband to get home just so he could see Kevin's reaction. Good good times! We finally live in the same state again!...but one hour away. So we spent a day in Ogden with them, laughed about our memories as neighbors, and snapped some family photos real quick. We tried every trick and bribe to get one of the boys to smile, but he just wouldn't have it. We love you Kasen ;)
And I love this family!

Layla | Tooele County Newborn Photographer

I work with Layla's momma in Young Women's for my church. Layla is their sweet little miracle that they've waited so long for. I'm so glad I got to be a part of photographing their little miracle. She's a great baby, and they completely deserve her!

The Coombs | Tooele County Family Photographer

Brooklyn the Girly-Girl | Tooele County Children Photographer

I know this sweet girl very well- she's my little girls best friend. Every time they get together, they are instantly switching clothes or getting into dresses. Brooklyn is about to turn 5 and start Kindergarten come September. So here's a little shoot all about her and who she is right now- a sweet, fun Girly-girl! (and naturally my daughter had to jump in on some photos with her BFF ;)

Sarah | Tooele County Portrait Photographer

I thought I would share some portraits I took recently. My friend Sarah is a professional blogger at She has such great tips on lowering your spending but still having fun! She asked me to take some new head shots for her blog, and we love how they turned out. Her red hair looked beautiful against her red fence in her own backyard.

Addy is Daddy's Little Girl | Tooele County Children Photographer

I'm making a come-back! After one year of no picture-taking, Stephanie Linn Photography has become Sweet Cheeks Photography. I've chosen to specialize in Child Photography- it's my passion and what I feel is my strength. I chose the name actually back when I was getting my degree 3 years ago. I always called my then, new little girl "sweet cheeks" because of her big chubby cheeks. I thought if I ever pursued my career, that would be a perfect name. I'm completely in love with it.

This time around, the creative wheels won't stop turning. My main focus is going to be in capturing kids personality at their age- who they really are. My little girl just turned 4 and I knew we needed to do a photo shoot. I thought, what does my sweet girl love them most? Her daddy! So I had her daddy dress up in his police uniform, and my daughter looked so proud wearing his fancy hat. I will cherish these photos forever- as will my husband and daughter. That is my goal for my future clients/friends. To make photos they will cherish.

I will be offering newborn, babies, and children as my main focus. Follow me on my facebook page to see upcoming events and deals. I will be coming back with an awesome mini session that I'm super excited about! It will take place beginning of August, but will be announced in the next coming week or so. Thanks a ton to everyone who has supported me and given me words of encouragement. They mean the world to me!