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Hop into Spring Craft Fair GIVEAWAY! | Idaho Falls, Idaho

Monday, March 14, 2016
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Usborne Books & More | Idaho Falls, Idaho Business Photographer

Friday, January 15, 2016
My first post as an Idaho Falls resident!! One of my awesome friends from college just moved here too, and she sells Usborne Books. She asked me to photograph some of our kids with the books for her website, so we set up a fun shoot in my home. Love all these cute kids so stinkin' much.

There are so many great books for children, so if you've never heard of them, check them out HERE.

D & A | Utah County Baby & Child Photographer

Monday, October 12, 2015
These 2 boys...I love em! I'm so lucky to be this families dedicated photographer! Amii is the best friend. Her husband works with mine, and we used to live right down the street. *Tear* 

We spent so much time on that baby stud in uniform, poor D didn't get enough lime light there at the end with his shiny red bicycle. We took some more of D at their extended family shoot last week, so more of big boy to come, no worries! 



Miss A. | Utah County Child Photographer

Thursday, June 25, 2015
My sweet big girl turned 5! My lucky kids, they get yearly photoshoots. And I couldn't have gotten better troopers. She wanted to bring two different dresses- you know, to get a variety and all. 

She had so much fun swinging and twirling and smiling for mommy. As I type this post and she looks at her pictures she says, "going on that swing on your tummy is not a good idea." Ya, she kinda fell in the dirt. 

I eventually ran out of space on my SD card, not planning to snap so many pictures- but crazy girl wanted more. I'm not sure where I got such a girly girl but I sure love it. These photos captured my beautiful girl's spunky, happy, innocent personality. 

Treasured photos are the goal. They are the best.

and because I'm in love with her in black and white. Her face just shines!

* My daughter and I made her flower crown from a carnation her grandma gave her a week prior at her preschool graduation. Keeping it special. Prop DIY coming soon!
*Location: A golden spot in Orem by the lake. The swing was placed next to a public path. Though it's swarmed by masses of gnats, it's one of my top favorite places now.

Outdoor Swing Re-do | Utah County Photographer

Thursday, June 18, 2015
One of the best neighbors of all time gave my kids this hand-me-down swing when we lived in Tooele. It had been very loved and well used. It didn't take long for my kids to stand on the back bar and bend it, and tear through one of the seats. They used it so much that despite it's shape I couldn't bring myself to give it up. So I tried to get creative. Since I'd love to use this as a prop for child portraits (it already has plans to participate in a 2-year-old's session!), I thought I'd share my how-to here on the blog.

Torn, rusted, and faded. It did have buckles which was nice when my little boy was smaller, but I had to ditch them for my new so-called "design". 

My cute little handy-man helped me take it apart. He organized my screws in a nice pile- you're welcome to follow his lead if you'd like. ;)

Since it was rusted, I took steel wool and gave it a good rubbing. It kinda made the swing shine again. But it needed the upgrade, so on we went. 

I guess I'm a spray can hoarder because I didn't even need to purchase any for this! I used Dark Walnut Satin with primer. 

I've done projects with wood in the past, and have always used pine- it's perty and it's smooth. But I went a cheaper route this time and bought cedar wood posts. It was about half the price. I had to do lots of sanding, including the sides and corners. After all, this is a child swing, no splinters wanted!

I measured the width and cut my wood accordingly. Slapped on my favorite stain and I'm good to go.

My awesome husband had to use his big muscles to screw the wood to the metal swing. My muscles just wouldn't do it. I used self-taping screws (for metal). I only had to pre-drill the wood (again, because I'm made of muscle), and my hubby did the rest from there.

Since I rock at this whole DIY thing, I forgot to take pictures of the canopy process. I used the old canopy as my pattern, purchased a yard and a half of outdoor fabric, pinned the old to the new, and cut! I used double sided bias tape to finish off the edges. Really not complicated at all if you've ever done any sort-of sewing.

And here's the final product!

My goofball kids enjoying the swing before it was even finished. We're very happy with it! 

The Lamberts | Utah County Family Photographer

Friday, June 12, 2015
I love this family. They are so real. They have such a sweet bond. And I'm always a sucker for a goofball family. They love to have fun! Mom wanted that to show in their photos- they are always moving. Always happy. My daughter is great friends with their daughter from school and church. She has the most personality I've ever seen in such a little person! Thanks for being so fun guys, I enjoyed our hour together!