3 months

Addyson has hit the border of newborn...she turned 3 months old today! Here she is, once again, acting as my gorgeous model. Thanks baby. :)

Wilding Family

This is THE cutest family I have ever seen. These girls take after their gorgeous, sweet, photogenic momma. It was my first "big" family to photograph. I am so impressed with this couple; even with tantrums and arguing, they are so patient and kind with their children. The Wildings are next door neighbors to my mom. I randomly called them up and asked if I could practise photographing their family. Thank you so much you guys! I hope you like your photos!

Here is just a sneak peak...

I love how Kevin is the only one looking at the camera!

this is just fun. and a little taste of the chaos.

...and this is only a small portion of their adorableness (if that's even a word!)

Sam's 1 Year

I took some photos of Sam 6 months ago. Well, yesterday he turned 1...and what a ham he is now! He sure knows how to make a cute picture!

Luna Family. Round 2

Here is a sneak peak at the Luna Family. I had the opportunity to photograph their family 6 months ago, and they were so kind to ask me again! This family obviously love each other very much. They are so sweet, and fun to watch with their adorable little Ham...err, I mean Sam! ;)

my daughter

My little girl is now 2 months old! She has been volunteered by mommy, to be my newborn model. She is my first attempt to newborn photography. I've been taking them at home with the natural light from the window. I wasn't liking the shadows being casted on her, so I got creative and used her white, "on the go" changing table pad to block some of the shadows. Ha! It still doesn't look the best quality wise, but the subject sure is cute! I will be getting a lot of practise for newborn portraits now!

P.S. We got a new camera!! A Nikon d3000!


At the last minute for my portrait assignment for my Black & White Photo class, Marissa let me use her for my model- and what a beautiful model she made! Sometimes I think a good picture is good just because the subject is pretty.
I've realized some things about my portrait photography- and just photos in general, is that I need to not be afraid to zoom in real close on a subject. I found a quote that I think I'll be living by for quite a while and that is...

"If your pictures aren't good enough, you aren't close enough." -Robert Capa

P.S.- these were taken with my dear friend Margeaux's Nikon d60. My next post will be photos taken with my new Nikon d3000 that just came in the mail yesterday!!!