Photo Tutorials & DIY...Coming Soon!!

Some exciting changes are coming to the blog soon! Along with posting sneak peaks of my current personal work, I will soon be posting Photography Tutorials! Photography is my career, passion, and what I received my college education in. I ruh-huh-uh-eeely (that's really ;) want to share my knowledge and discoveries with everyone I can. I'm not someone who wants to say, "eh, figure it out for yourself" when it comes to newbies or hobby goers. I'd be happy to answer anything and everything (as far as my own expertise goes. Let's face it, I will always have more to learn ;).
Because we all had to start somewhere, right?

So what DIY's might you see? Well. I'm a fan of creating and also of saving money. I take a lot of photos of newborns and babies- these shoots often need props. So as I increase my prop inventory, I'll be posting how I did them myself, where I bought things to save money, and duh- with pictures. 

Can't wait to start sharing with ya.

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